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Days 3 & 4 & 5 Galápagos

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Day 3 & 4 & 5 Galápagos

The last few days have consisted of small day trips around the island of Santa Cruz. The 2 hour hike to the white sandy paradise of Tortuga bay. On the way, passing through the local flora identifying as many plants as I tried to google the previous night. I met the Palo Santo tree, for those that burn this 'holy wood', it's smell filled pockets of warm air. Brushing my hand against the bark, my hand smelled like the sweet pungent smell of burning palo santo. Palo santo is like the white sage of South America, used in cleansing rituals and often women outside the basilicas will be waving this incredible burning wood. Swimming in the rather large ocean waves was killah! Can't wait to go surfing tomorrow!

Making a conscious effort to put myself out there more since my realization of inauthenticity. I have not switched hostels because, let's face it, a bargains a bargain. And this queen is enjoying her uninterrupted shower and beauty sleep. Hahah werk.

I met a man, who is a local to Galápagos. Hail Grindr! He is a co captain on one of the cruise ships. He invited me out for lunch and we talked about the islands, life and travel. He isn't out to his family, but confided in me telling he was bisexual. We talked a bit about differences in culture when it came to LGBT people. When it came time to pay, I was more then willing to pick up the bill, I had enjoyed the company. He insisted he payed, while pulling out a huge wad of cash. Apparently co captains get paid pretty well. After lunch we hoped on his motorbike and cruised around town, stopping at the surf shop so I could rent a board for Monday morning. He showed me where he lived and invited me in to cool off in his air conditioned apartment. What a treat, first time in a month I was in a air controlled room, felt awesome! Potential motorbike trip around the island.

This weekend is the festival of Carnaval. A Catholic time of being bad before having to be good before lent and Easter. No comment. These Ecuadorians do know how to celebrate and party tho! One tradition is to drench others in all sorts of liquids. Could be anything from water to urine. Thankfully there are rules now and most people stick to water, paint, and a water based foam. Music, food and water fights filled the streets of Puerto Ayora. At night, a stage was erected, traditional dancers and music be heard. After that, thumpa thumpa. For anyone that knows me knows that I can't resist a good thumpa thumpa. Once my body starts groovin, I gotta go until I can't no more lol. I hung out with another Galápagos local for awhile. He makes his living as a freelance tour guide, bringing foreigners to the various islands.

Today I went on a small trip to Finch Bay, the so called 'German' part of the island. I'm guessing it's called that because the Germans own the two fancy hotels there? A short boat ride over on the turquoise waters, passing sea turtles and sea lions on the way. I decided to look for a place to have some lunch before exploring. Holy expensive batman! Was told to go elsewhere by a hotel worker because it was too expensive there and was for hotel guests only. I guess I looked like a rugged backpacker with my rolled up jeans and graphic tee? Lol I found another restaurant that had the best ceviche I had ever had. Local octopus! Paired with a refreshing limonata! Only my entire day's food budget mind you. $22 US! Walking around later, I found a spot off the tourist trail from where everyone was comfy on their small piece of sandy beach. I climbed through some mangroves, being careful not to damage or break anything. I put my stuff in a tree and went skinny dipping. Cuz that's just how I role. The shade of the water trees and the waves of turquoise made me grateful for this small piece of paradise. I wondered what it would be like to live here. I decided a solid friend base, income source and probably a boyfriend would be needed for the seclusion of the Galápagos. Any takers? Haha

Ps. Did I mention how incredibly stoked I am for surfing tomorrow!? Hopefully a snorkelling/diving trip to another island will also manifest before my time is over here.

Big love,

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