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Guayaquil to Galápagos Islands

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Guayaquil to Galápagos Islands

If there's one thing better then being somewhere, it's the process getting there. I look forward to the days of travel where the roads of uncertainty lie ahead.

Today, I traveled from Guayaquil to the island of Santa Cruz, one of the Galápagos Islands. After waking early for my morning Desayunos, I set forth. I was excited to be leaving the big city of Guayaquil. I found it hard to settle in there. Was it the noise, the air pollution or the local vibes? Probably all of the above. I received an email the day before from the hostel I had booked in Puerto Ayora, on Santa Cruz. Stating that they were undergoing renovations and could no longer honour my accommodation. Another one of those opportunities to choose between love or fear. Essentially that's the only choice we have at any given moment. Looking back I see these choices are a crossroads of timelines. One timeline leads to panic, distress and possible brash decisions. The other includes space, breath and a willingness to accept the moment, leading to possibilities that might have been missed in the panic state. Long story short, I managed to find a hotel with a hidden hostel that could accommodate me. Not only was it the same price as the first hostel, but nicer and includes Desayunos. Score!

I am half a block away from the ocean. The energy here is incredibly different then that of Guayaquil. The air is not as humid, thank god! ;tho the sun, radiates like the powerful force it is. After our plane had landed we took a bus to the ferry, seeing the turquoise waters got me so excited I may have peed a little hahah. After taking a short ferry ride, I grouped up with a couple from Germany to share a one hour taxi ride across the island to Puerto Ayora. The bioregion was so foreign and alien, like we had just landed on Mars. Arid, dry and volcanic red. As we continued on in the taxi, we came to the middle of the island that was wet and tropical, such a difference in such a short distance!

I've now seen the biggest Brugmansia I have ever seen! Was ginormous!!

By this point, we are entering the town and I can barely hold my excitement in. The uber cute front desk attendant showed me to the single room. Privacy and a double bed! You know what that means! ;) I can sprawl out and walk around naked again hahah. After two plus weeks of sharing accommodations, it's a welcomed change. I wasted no time, I threw my backpack on the bed, and off I went exploring. Gurgle gurgle.. Oh yea, I should probably feed this body. I found lunch along the pier, in awe at the beauty of this tropical turquoise place. I let the sensation of astonishment take over me as a big smile appeared on my face.

After lunch, I hiked through a mangrove forest to a beach on the way to the Charles Darwin research centre. Passing by a group of sea lions without a care in the world. No doubt, you can get within petting distance of them, and they don't mind. Still in bliss, I clambered over volcanic rocks to the waters edge. Dipping my feet in the cool, soothing water. How I've missed my beloved Pacific Ocean. Tropical fish swim around my feet. I find a spot on the beach and lay. I've made it to the Galápagos! Overwhelming feelings of gratitude take over and I contemplate gratitude and the time I have left on earth. It feels right.

I finally had coconut water straight from the coconut! One of the missions I had while being on the coast. I nourish my body with the delicate sweet juice. Watching play and happiness around me. It feels right.

Tomorrow, Desayunos then snorkelling.. All.. Day... Long!!!

Big love,

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